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An item online or in store is out of my size, can you order that in?
Yes we can arrange to order your size if our designers have the fabric available to manufacture the garment. As Australia follows European seasonal trends, we do our best to stock up sufficiently. In some cases where items are in high demand there is only a finite supply available.
How long will I have to wait for an order from Europe to arrive?
Usually this can be anywhere between 5-10 business days. We will also require a 50% deposit on the garment to ensure it arrives promptly for you to enjoy asap.
Where are these clothes made?
All the clothing is manufactured in southeast Europe. High quality fabrics are sourced from countries such as Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Turkey.
I'm attending a wedding and I'm looking for an outfit?
We specialise in event outfits for all occasions. It doesn't always have to be a dress that is worn to functions. Style your self in luxury silk blouses, a jumpsuit or shirt dress that allows elegance to work with your own style.
I'm going to a black tie event and I don't want to wear a ball gown, what do you recommend?
We have some stylish and classic jumpsuits, when paired with heals give you a look that elevates you from the crowd! It's important to find your own style that offers you comfort with personal expression.
Do you have any casual or sporty items?
We certainly do, in Eastern Europe sporty-casual is a style that is worn to go shopping, movies or to drink coffee and socialise. Similar to how Aussie's enjoy activewear, although in Europe it's more stylised. We have track pants, jeggings and jackets that can be worn as sets or sold separately.
How do you style these pieces together?
Style is such a personal and unique approach. We believe in wearing what resonates as this allows you to feel complete. In store we can offer styling support that can enhance your personal expression.
How do I care for these garments?
Always follow the care instructions provided inside the garment to maintain longevity and care for your item.