At Elitra, we encourage every woman to feel her most beautiful self through fashion, with pieces that make an authentic, unique statement about who you are. Our curated collections are sourced from regions yet to be discovered by the Australian fashion scene, known for bold and fearless style. Within our collections are locally based designers offering basics to complete any style or trend. 

Our range includes timeless classic pieces styled with seasonal trends. Local and international designers we work with choose to source sustainable materials in ethical ways. Natural fibres are essential to our range, with creative applications of bi-products from other industries incorporated into modern design features.

We have something for all the sun chasers at heart. Get equiped to state your style for any coastline or mountain retreat. From the Adriatic, Aegean or Black Sea to the mountainous regions of the Balkans, we invite you to take a journey with us and discover a lifestyle like no other…

Elitra is an ancient word that refers to the sheath of a sword or blade. We say your body is your greatest weapon so choose your sheath with style.

Elitra Style Team! x